Healthy Snacks For Kids

Most parents are guilty of serving themselves with all the available fruits and vegetables and heaping junks of all sorts (biscuits,candies,chocolates, ice cream) on the kids. Parents most times erroneously believe that kids do not need to balance their meals as much as the adults, meanwhile their bodies equally crave the right kind of food/snack.
Here are a few tips to a healthier snacking for the children:
Whole grain cereals. A bowl of whole grain cereals is packed with vitamins, minerals like calcium and fibre. Perfect for a healthy and yet fun snack as a lot of whole grain cereals now comes with different flavors and colors.
Kids get excited over tasty drinks. One of such tasty drinks is smoothies which is very healthy too as it is made from fruits. The versatility of smoothies, mixing of different fruits – leading to a whole mixture of flavors is definitely exciting not only to kids but adults too!
Healthy pastries:
Whether it is fruit cakes and bread or sandwiches and muffins, You can afford to sneak in fruits and vegetable into your child’s diet with lots of tastiness surrounding it.
Chips made from plantain, sweet potatoes are another class of healthy snacks for kids that can replace biscuits as they are equally very crunchy and attractive.
The average Nigerian child is a big fan of indomie. Pasta, a class to which noodles belong is very rich in carbohydrate and is easy to prepare. It can be served with vegetables to add more “health” to the food.

The indomie can be spiced up with green bean, carrot , diced liver etc for taste and colour since kids love colours.
With this parents can replace junk foods and snacks with healthy snacks.

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